Konnichiwa Minasama (Hello Everyone)!

I’m adding this Updates section to track progress in compiling the Online Densho. For all of you that have already contributed either by providing input, feedback or simply becoming a patron of the site – a big thank you.

As things get added and courses get fleshed out, I’ll add posts here to track changes to courses and guides.

So let’s start things off here are the most recent changes:

  • UPDATED Kyusho Guide: This update happened a while ago, but in case you missed it the diagrams have been updated to provide clearer positions on the human anatomy.
  • NEW Kihon Guide Added: I’ve added the Kihon Nage Waza Guide in the downloads section covering the typical throws we study (not including the Ryusui Iki). Also fixed the download link.
  • FIXED Jin Ryaku no Maki Suwari Waza: Issue where the lessons were listed, but there was no content. Written technique descriptions now visible
  • ADDED Affiliate Area: For lifetime members, you can now apply to become an affiliate. This means if you share a link and someone clicks that link to buy something from the Online Densho, you’ll get a portion of the sale. Go check it out in your account!

Things to look forward to:

  • Improved Audio and Video: As the pandemic eases up and our physical dojo is open again, I’ll resume filming lessons with better video and audio equipment.
  • Completing written documentation of each ryuha: I’ve been compiling and reviewing all my notes on all the different kata (there’s close to a 1000 techniques total!!!). Soon the related courses will be populated with written descriptions. Filming and editing will take considerably longer.
  • Adding certificates: Certificates for completing course material will be rewarded. Please note this does not replace or should be considered the same thing as a Menkyo (aka official license). These will be awarded for free.

I look forward to sharing more with everyone as the year progresses!

Arigatou Gozaimashita!

P.S. If you have suggestions on things to add or prioritize, please comment below. Cheers!